Luca October 2018 Student of the Month

  Luca October 2018 Student of the month Drum Student “Luca” is October’s Student Of the Month! Luca began playing drums back in 2013. Right away Mike noticed Luca’s passion for the instrument. Luca has always impressed Mike with his steady practice routine, fantastic questions, love for music and life, as well as his ability […]

Cassidy A

Cassidy Drum Student Learn to play the drums Utah

  Cassidy October 2017 Student of the Month Cassidy A. is October’s Student Of The Month! Cassidy decided at a very young age that she wanted to be a drummer. After attending a rock concert, she knew then, that she wanted to participate in music! Cassidy recalls the green flashing lights, guitars strumming and the drums […]

Cameron Grass

  Cameron August 2017 Student of the month Drum Student Cameron Grass is August’s 2017 Student Of The Month! Cameron began drumming at a very young age. Starting out on just a drum pad and then moving to a very basic set, Cameron progressed very quickly and became a Yellow belt right away. Cameron has […]

Brecken Hunter

  Brecken April 2017 Student of the month Brecken started his drumming career at a very young age. His is parents recall him drumming on anything that could provide a sound. Brecken is an excellent student and really enjoys performing. He is currently working toward his purple belt in drumming which includes finishing up his snare […]

Sam Warby

breadcrumbs… Sam December 2015 Student of the month Sam Warby is December’s Student of the Month! Sam started playing drums at a very young age and in that time has already accomplished much. Sam worked very hard to become a yellow belt and then shortly after, an orange belt. He is just about to become […]

Landon Casorla

breadcrumbs… Landon July 2015 Student of the month Age: 9 years old. Been Playing Drums: 2 years. Practice Routine: Landon will practice everyday for at least 30 minutes. In between practice time you can still find Landon on his drums perfecting his beats he has to pass off the following week. Landon loves to get […]

Ian Grimmer

breadcrumbs… Ian April 2015 Student of the month Congratulations! IAN GRIMMER April 2015 Student of the Month. Age: 14 Location: Salt Lake City UT. Favorite drummer: Taylor Hawkins Least Favorite Music: Country music Favorite Band: Foo Fighters Favorite music: Rock and Alternative Current drum set: Pearl Sound check 5 piece. Dream drum set: Gretsch Renown 5 pc set with platinum coated […]

Aaron Jeffers

breadcrumbs… Aaron March 2014 Student of the month Age: 17 Favorite Music: Classic Rock and Jazz Least Favorite Music: Dance Music Drum Gear: 5 Piece Pacific maple by DW, Ludwig Black Beauty snare, Sabian and Zildjian cymbals. Dream Set: Ludwig in red cherry maple. Same snare as above and higher quality cymbals by Zidjian. Other […]

Adam Essig

breadcrumbs… Adam May 2012 Student of the month Name: Adam Essig. Age: 15. Playing drums for: 6 years. Drum gear: Sonor 503 series set, zildjian zbt ride crash and splash, sabian b8 splash, han chi china, gretsch snare, dixon double bass pedal, lp block and cowbell, pearl anarchy bell. Dream drumset: Neil Pearts setup. Practice […]

David Zhong

breadcrumbs… David May 2012 Student of the month Age: 11 Favorite music: Pop and Jazz Least favorite music: None. It is important to listen and learn from everything. Drum gear: TAMA and Evans as well as AA Meinl Cymbals. Dream drum gear: DW Performance Series 5-piece W/ Cymbals to cover all styles. Other hobby’s: Singing, math and catching bugs Favorite song […]