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October 2018 Student of the month

Drum Student “Luca” is October’s Student Of the Month!

Luca began playing drums back in 2013. Right away Mike noticed Luca’s passion for the instrument. Luca has always impressed Mike with his steady practice routine, fantastic questions, love for music and life, as well as his ability to stay current with his heavy school studies. Luca attends Roland Hall and is in their Jazz band program. Luca has done a fine job keeping the beat for his class:) Luca’s favorite performance for his jazz band was “Uptown Funk”. Luca aims to practice for 45 min each day, but is not always able to due to his demanding homework load. Luca has several interests- tennis, Mathematics (Luca’s father is a math professor at the U of U), music, drumming, sport related video games and going to the movies. Luca hopes to be in a pop/rock band in the near future. Luca has already been exposed to a large amount of music in his young years…his aunt is a professional musician in Italy and his father has shared many of his personal stories with Luca in regards to growing up in London, and experiencing all of the wonderful live shows the city had to offer. Some of Luca’s favorite personal performances are- “Trees” by 21 Pilots and his Latin Drum Solo. One of Luca’s favorite bands right now is Coldplay. Luca is currently working on the famous tune by Dave Brubeck called “Take Five”. The drum set that he is currently working with is a Tama 5 piece kit. Luca has a vast amount of different cymbals to strike, as well as many misc percussion items. Congratulations Luca!

Mike’s comments: Luca is a wonderful student and a fine young man. Luca possesses “old school” attributes i.e. never forgets “please and thank you”, never carries a phone, speaks with respect, always curious, always accountable and is super humble. LOOK OUT WORLD!

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