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New To Drums?

Listed below are some frequently asked questions about drums and drum lessons.

Please take the time to read through this material to learn what is needed, what to expect and what makes Mike Dale Drum Studio the best!

6 years of age usually. Any younger than that and it is hard for them to comfortably play the drums. Another thing to consider is that playing the drums is instantly fun. With that being said, the drum set requires a bit of maturity in order to be able to focus on the fundamentals. If the student is any younger than seven, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the free introductory lesson in order to determine if the student is ready for lessons.

No, it is never too late. Many adult students have always wanted to learn how to play the drums but perhaps when they were young their parents said no or they just had other obligations. As a matter of fact, many adult students find themselves playing in a band just after 6 months of lessons.

It is never to late to live your dream. It is also very rewarding to have a creative outlet at the end of a grueling work day.

Yes! Lets face it, drums appeal to a certain personality. Drumming is very physical, loud and instantly fun in many ways.

No, it is actually best to start out with a drum pad and develop the correct technique first. A drum pad can also provide the student/parent with some time before purchasing a drum set. A drum pad is a practice device developed to mimic the Snare Drum. A drum pad can range anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00. This is a great way to “tip toe” into drumming. Students always have fun in the lessons due to them having ample time on the drum set. It is not uncommon for a new student to be playing to one of their favorite songs by the end of the first or second lesson!

Just like many things, you can spend as little or as much as you like. On average, it is safe to say that a very basic, fully functioning used set, would be around $400.00. There is also the option to purchase a new set. A Store like Riverton Music in Sandy is a terrific place to purchase a set. New drum sets purchased from Riverton Music come with a warranty. There are times when parents buy cheap sets on KSL and regret it later. There are some used quality drum sets listed on KSL, parents just need to know what to look for. Feel free to contact Mike Dale personally @ 801-943-2621 with questions. A drum set is an investment, and one should feel as though they made an educated decision on their purchase. Also keep in mind that a quality instrument maintains its value as apposed to a drum set you would purchase at a warehouse retailer.

No, the drum set does not require you to have a understanding of another instrument. It is however recommended that if the student wishes to play in the school band, they will need to have had at least two years of piano. When a child enrolls in the school band program, they will learn how to play various percussion instruments, including the bell kit. This is where the piano and basic music theory comes in. The staff at Mike Dale Drum Studio’s can provide the student with instruction to help them become comfortable with the numerous percussion instruments as well as the drum set.

Most schools reserve the drum set for the use in Jazz band. This is a class that requires an audition to make sure the drummer has the correct skills mastered. Mike Dale Drum Studio’s covers the various sub-genres of Jazz such as: Swing, Big Band, Bebop and Second Line.

This is a difficult question to answer due to everybody having different learning styles and goals. Most pop/rock songs that you hear and love on the radio require simple beats that only take a few months to get the hang of. There are of course exceptions. Then there are styles such as Jazz, Funk, Latin and Drum-line that require much more study. Most students enjoy learning how to play to their favorite music first. Once obtained, they then soon discover the values in exploring other genres and styles of music. The drum set, like all creative outlets, is limitless and is a lifetime study!

In short, You get out what you put in! That statement could not be more true, especially in today’s instant world. Kids have more options and resources than ever before. They are accustomed to everything being instantaneous. If they decide to explore the world of drumming, it is recommended that they practice a half hour a day. This will provide adequate results. As the student starts to experience growth through their steady practice routine, they will begin to want to practice more. This is a direct result from witnessing “work equals reward”. This is a crucial concept for a developing child to grasp.

It becomes very rewarding for the instructor to see the pupil practice upwards of an hour or two a day, just because they have developed a love for drumming.

There are several positive differences.

  • The studios are designed to provide the best instruction possible. It is almost impossible to provide the same distraction free instruction out of a home.
  • The teaching staff at Mike Dale Studios are highly trained, college graduates that have trained under Mike Dale for years. (see Bio’s)
  • The students respond better to lessons knowing that they are receiving professional instruction from a reputable establishment.
  • The studio is an excellent environment for the student to meet other musicians. i.e. – guitar, bass and vocal students. Students also get to participate in 1 hour Master Classes at the end of each month at no extra charge. In these classes they have the opportunity to work with other drummers as well as guitar and bass players. Student’s have the time of their lives learning how to perform in bands as well as how to be a performer. Again, there is no extra charge for this. This is a huge feature! Other studios charge a lot and have this as a separate feature. Ours is built in.
  • Teaching Utah how to play the drums is all we do and quite frankly, we are the best at it. Since 1997!
  • The students have the opportunity to perform in recitals twice a year. Always having a goal aids in the student’s progress. This also gives them a chance to perform with their bands. (no extra charge)
  • Mike Dale Studios’ curriculum is based on levels that encourages students to progress to the next tier. (Please visit the parent page)
  • Lessons are very consistent due to the fact that the instructors are dedicated to providing quality instruction. (They are not just “hobbyists”.)
  • The most common compliment is how the staff are “mentors as well as instructors”.

There is a reason that Mike Dale has the largest private drum program in Utah!

Yes. The most common situation is the student having a form of ADD or ADHD. This is were the drums can really help. Research shows that the use of a metronome has a soothing effect as well as aiding them in being able to focus. Learning the drums and rhythm in general also helps the student in math, problem solving, motor skills and creativity. Music can play such a positive role in a child’s life!

There are several positive scenarios. The most common is that the drum student joins a band with one of the guitar students at the studio. Another route is for the student to participate in the band program at the school they attend. This may include: drumline, concert band, percussion class and/or jazz band. Some students even participate in as many music programs as possible with the goal of receiving scholarships. There are also some excellent combo groups that the students of Mike Dale have played in (i.e – the famous Crescent Bands.) Most of the instructors at The Drum Studios of Mike Dale started off as young pupils and now have grown into fine musicians as well as educators.

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