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Draper - Sandy Home Studio

Draper: 11000 South 250 East

Drum Teachers In Draper-Sandy Utah

Teachers At This Location

Mike Dale
$120 a month for 4 half hour lessons once a week.

Pricing upon request

Drum lessons for Draper students can be achieved at one of two locations: (1) the studio located on the border of Sandy/Draper, or (2) the easily accessible Riverton Music off the freeway in Sandy, Utah. With two drum studios located inside of Riverton Music, new students are usually able to get that “after school time” they desire. Providing Draper Utah with drum lessons is effortless due to both of these locations being very accessible. The studio that most of the Draper students opt for however is the one located at 11000 South and roughly 250 East.

Drum lessons for the students that choose the 110th location will be taught in a very high-end studio. Even though it is at Mike Dale’s residence, the drum studio was professionally engineered for sound (“room within a room”) and it provides a very pleasant learning environment. The studio also has a separate entrance and is displaced from the rest of the home. At 18’x14′, there is plenty of space that provides the students with the opportunity for not only private lessons, but Master Classes as well as Jam Classes! This is Mike’s favorite studio!

The studio is also sound treated and has custom woodwork i.e. cedar ceilings that reflects a warm acoustic sound for the drums. The studio also has professional acoustic foam, which helps soften the volume of the drum set. This Makes drum lessons for Draper Utah students much more fun! Students also get the opportunity to make recordings with Mike’s recording equipment. Several of Mike’s students have even been able to record albums with their bands as well as create their own drum covers for YouTube. This studio is also equipped with various percussion instruments from Brazil, Cuba, Africa India, West Indies and other parts of the world. If the Riverton Music is preferred, please feel free to click on the tab that reads “Sandy-Riverton Music” under locations to read all about what those studios have to offer.

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Brighton Studio:
2540 E Bengal Blvd
Cottonwood Heights, UT.
Riverton Music Location:
9491 S 255 W
Sandy, UT
Draper Location:
11000 South and roughly 250 East
Draper, UT
Lehi Location:
3300 W Pilgrims Loop
Lehi, UT

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