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I’m Calvin and my journey with drumming began at the ripe age of 9. It all started with the mesmerizing sight of a marching band, particularly the tenor players and their lightning-fast drumming. Ever since that moment, I’ve been utterly captivated by the world of music, embracing every genre imaginable – from jazz to death metal, sludge to shoegaze, funk fusion to math rock, and even hardcore, hip hop, pop funk, samba, J-pop, you name it!
But music isn’t my only passion; I’m an outdoors enthusiast, an avid reader, a fitness buff, a connoisseur of obscure niche films, a foodie always up for culinary adventures, and a traveler with an insatiable wanderlust.

Throughout my musical journey, I’ve worn many hats – marching band member, pep band enthusiast, jazz band drummer, and even scoring a perfect rating in a vibraphone duo at the state festival. I’ve rocked as part of a percussion trio, taken the stage in high school musicals as the drummer, and fronted a band that competed in battle of the bands, embarked on a tour across neighboring states, and currently, we’re in the process of recording our EP. Additionally, I’ve recently connected with another new band since starting college (University of Utah). Speaking of college, I’m not just passionate about teaching; I’m equally passionate about learning! I’m currently pursuing a degree in software engineering with a minor in philosophy. My grand plan? To stack up that hard-earned cash as a software developer and then return to academia to collect degrees in every engineering discipline under the sun – because I just can’t get enough of it!

For my students, I aspire to ignite a flame of passion for music and drumming that matches or even surpasses my own. I’m dedicated to using my expertise to help them reach their musical goals. While I generally maintain a structured teaching approach involving rudiments, groove training with textbooks, and full song immersion, I’m always eager to adapt and explore any drumming style or technique that students are enthusiastic about. And of course, all while having an absolute blast along the way!

With all that being said, I can’t wait to deepen my connection with you, the student, and together explore the incredible world of drumming!

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