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Pull Me Under By Mari V

Pull Me Under Drum Cover

Hi, my name’s Mari Voiles. I’ve been playing the drums for about 2 and a 1/2 years. I decided to cover the song “Pull Me Under” by Dream Theater because they are one of my favorite bands and Mike Portnoy is a huge inspiration to me.

“Pull Me Under” is an enjoyable song to play. It took me several months to learn and memorize the entire thing, but I found the process both very fun and challenging in a way that helped me grow as a drummer and musician.

My favorite beat in this particular song would probably have to be the one at 4:12 in the video. It’s just a very tasty groove. And I hadn’t played anything like it prior to learning this song.

I plan to learn many more Dream Theater songs in the future. I am currently working on Metropolis: Part 1. So far it has been well worth my time.

I definitely recommend any aspiring drummers out there to cover this song. It is a blast.

Teacher Comments:

Mari did a terrific job with this drum cover. She took the time to create a multi camera view so that other drummers wouldl be able to she how it is done. Mari is currently enrolled as a drum student with Mike Dale. Mari’s drum lessons are conducted at Riverton Music located in Sandy. Mari has been playing drums for several years know and it shows. This drum cover displays several techniques i.e. odd time, double bass, texture, endurance and dynamics. Mari did a great job in all of these areas!

Mari is currently working on several drum covers such as Tool’s 46 and 2 as well as Fist. As far as personal study goes, she is working on developing faster hands, faster feet and over better drum set time. Mari has been a excellent drum student thus far and I look forward to her future drum covers as well as her band performances.

Students of Mike Dale watching this will also notice the high-end drum set that Mari performs on. It is a DW set with several drums as well as tons of cymbals. This set works perfect for the Dream Theater drum cover. Mari is fortunate to have access to it. Mari’s main kit that she practices and gigs with is a Tama Maple Star Classic.

Keep up the great work Mari!

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