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Nintendo Drum Cover By 801 Drummer

This is a fun video to watch! This student is named Kade Call. He studied with Mike Dale in the Orem Summerhays Drum Studio. Kade took lessons for years and it shows. Kade began taking lessons when he was just ten years old.

In this drum cover, you will see Kade display his outstanding drum creativity. When Kade studied drum lessons, he was able to complete several advanced drum books such as- Buddy Rich’s Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments, Rudimental Cookbook, Podemski Snare Drum Method and much of Portraits of Rhythm. As far as Drum set books, Kade was able to complete Realistic Rock, Advanced Funk Studies, Advanced Technique For The Modern Drummer and The Art Of Bop. Plus several more.

Kade is a match grip player and has some serious chops. Some of his favorite warmups is the Swiss Triplets and the Triple Stroke Roll. Students of Mike Dale will take notice to his clean hand position! One should also notice how he does not bite down on the stick! Kade is a excellent example of how to allow for a space between the thumb and pointer finger. Kade also allows for a relaxed wrist motion as well as finger technique.

Kade also displays his taste for drum grooves which have layers of accents and funky, syncopated snare bites. He also does a great job serving the cover as apposed to just turning it into a full sprint drum solo.

Kade has always listened to as much music as possible. That list may include-Pop, Rock, Funk, Indie, Latin, Alt, Jazz, Acid Jazz, Progressive Rock, Hip-hop and anything else he can get his hands on. During his lessons with Mike Dale in Orem, Utah, Kade learned how to play to some of his favorite music at the time. One of those songs was by Duran Duran-“Wild Boys”. Shortly after that, Kade learned how to play “Ants Marching” by Dave Mathews Band. Kade has played and preformed in countless bands as well as studio work in the Utah County Area.

In the Spring of 2010, Kade provided drum lessons in Lehi, Utah. He taught at the Gymcats location under Mike Dale. He was able to take on a few students just after finishing his Asian speaking, Australian LDS Mission. In that time, Kade instructed the young future drummers and developed a reputation for quality drum lessons. Kade did an excellent job remembering how to balance theory and allowing fun on the drums.

Some of Kades other abilities are-Recording, mixing, editing and engineering. He has recorded dozens of bands and provide them with a outstanding product for the best rate in Utah! Kade started recording drums the same day he learned his first beat. Growing up in a very musical family, he was able to study piano, voice, drums and a guitar chord here and there. It was during this time he had the opportunity to play these instruments in his own band as well as providing backup for his father’s gigging band.

Kade has since graduated college and has started his own company: www.headstarmedia.com

He now provides Utah with all of their media needs i.e. Band Recording, Video Production and much more. In this Drum Cover, he displays his ability for multi-angle, multi-camera production as well as an eye for interesting camera shots.

Well done Kade and we wish you all the best on your future projects.

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