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Drum Teacher Jacob Groneman

Jacob’s drumming journey officially began in 2006 during a scout pack meeting after hearing a neighbor-kid play drums to Rush. Initially hesitant towards the stigma surrounding rock ‘n roll, Jacob’s parents held off for a year before discovering Mike Dale through the local drum shop (BackBeats). It couldn’t have been a better choice; He kicked off instruction at the Brighton Studio starting in July 2007, progressing under Mike until 2017. In that time, Jacob went from being too small to reach the drum pedals to becoming an outstanding student, possessing notable abilities for having fun while maintaining a relentless motivation to acquire knowledge. In November 2019, Jacob unlocked the door with a studio key Mike provided him, offically becoming a teacher.

Jacob has an incredible aptitude for writing drum transcriptions for students to read/play. He emulates the quality of Mike’s tutoring through rudimental instruction, songs, and techniques. He is sincerely interested in the lives of his students and is always thrilled to guide the next generation of drummers, spending long hours assembling lessons. 

Currently, Jacob is 24 years old (as of 2022) and attending UVU while also attempting to create films in Virtual Reality. He maintains a long list of friends from all walks of life and loves speaking in Japanese, dialing into audio production, and cooking. Also, Rancheritos is his second mother. Like, let’s face the facts.

Having drummed in numerous talent shows, Jazz bands, Ensembles, church productions, musicals, school district events, competitions, and rock bands for city festivals along the Wasatch front, Jacob is excited to teach the next aspiring drummer!

Some awesome drummers are: Jaun Carlitos Mendoza, Dave Weckl, Mike Portnoy, Mike Mangini, Neil Peart, Matt Garstka, Sarah Thawer, Larnell Lewis, Chris Coleman, Stewart Copeland, Dennis Chambers, Jojo Mayer, and Animal.

Some rad bands/artists are: The Police, Paramore, Yellowcard, Dream Theater, Rush, Walk the Moon, The Midnight, Karen O, Deadmau5, Louis Bell, Post Malone, the Weekend, Dan Mason and Euan Ellis, etc. etc. etc.

Always remember: The one who never failed, never tried.

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