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Bloom - One of Utah's Best Bands

“Fight For Greatness” by Bloom

My name is Mari Voiles, I’m the drummer for the band Bloom. We are a pop-rock band with elements of prog. We’re all about creating music that is uplifting and deeply meaningful.

We have one album, Photosynthesis, and are currently working on a second.

“Fight For Greatness” is one of our most popular songs from our debut album and can be found on the video game Rock Band 3 network.

You can find other content from us on our Facebook and Youtube pages:


Bloom is a great example of young talent that is just shy of making it BIG! including Did you notice the girl drummer-Mari?

In this video you will see an outstanding display of creativity and chops by all of the musicians. Mari does an excellent job of executing all of the appropriate drum grooves needed to provide the momentum for “Fight For Greatness”.

Stay tuned for more videos and songs from Bloom.

Mari and the Guitarist also work in Multi media and are able to pass on their talents effortlessly in their field of employment. Mari always surrounds herself in creative environments!