Aaron Jeffers

Aaron Jeffers

Drum Teacher Aaron Jeffers may be the youngest teacher at Mike Dale Drum Studios but Aaron has a very impressive resume for such a young drummer. Starting his teaching career in 2015 at the age of 20, Aaron has already established himself as a qualified drum teacher. Aaron started playing drums at the young age of 6 and since that time he has been receiving instruction from Utah’s top teachers. This has enabled Aaron to become an excellent teacher himself.

Some of Aarons drumming history is as follows:

  • Aaron has been a member of the famous” Crescent Super Band” as well as being a key member in Juan Diego percussion ensemble.
  • Aaron studied how to play steel drums, mallets, drum set, hand drums and everything in the middle. It was during this time that Aaron was also a state competitor all four years of high school.
  • Aaron was also in the Honors Youth Percussion Ensemble directed by the University of Utah.
  • Aaron took first place as a soloist his senior year at the Peaks Jazz Festival.
  • Aaron is also a very dedicated student, always scoring very high marks in all of his honor classes as well as his classes at the university.
  • Aaron played on the University of Utah Drum Line and is currently playing in a band called “Jupiter Suit” which will be releasing their album in the summer of 2015.

While Aaron is still attending college, he continues to teach and play out with his band. Aaron is also an outdoor specialist at REI and is a very accomplished rock climber as well as a mountain bike racer. Aaron has a very energetic personality and really strives to be more than a drum teacher to the youth – he aims to be a mentor!


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