Sandy - Riverton Music

Sandy - Riverton Music

Drum Lessons Sandy Riverton Utah

Riverton Music is located in Sandy Utah, just off of 90th S and 1-15. Drum lessons have been provided by Mike Dale at this location since 2000. In that time, Mike has went from having only one studio, to now having a total of 6. Mike Dale also has several assistants at this location that also provide excellent instruction. Student's wishing to take drum lessons in the Sandy area will want to take advantage of this location.

Due to the unique approach of Mike Dale’s teaching philosophy, his program has grown tremendously, “We focus on having fun and building the self-esteem of the student”. Music lessons at Riverton Music is a popular place for learning! It’s no wonder that many of the drum students siblings also take lessons with one of the other musical instrument instructors. The Drum Studios at Riverton Music are sound treated to provide controlled volume during lessons. The studio doors are also custom built with windows. All of these factors provide a comfortable learning environment.

Drum students that take lessons at Riverton Music in Sandy, will also have the chance to take advantage of the concert hall. The high-end concert hall allows ample space for master classes, recitals, band performances and much more. Riverton Music also hosts "Open Mic Night", this is where all ages, all instruments and all styles get together to perform. Many of Mike Dale's students take full advantage of these events. Mike Dale Drum Studios also utilizes the hall for two concerts a year. These concerts provide the opportunity for the students to perform and share what they have been working on during drums lessons!

Please feel free to review all of the Google Reviews of Mike Dale Drum Studios to see the positive response from parents and students!

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Riverton Music Location: 9491 S 255 W, Sandy, UT


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