December 2015 Sam Warby

December 2015 Sam Warby!

Sam Warby is December’s Student of the Month! Sam started playing drums at a very young age and in that time has already accomplished much.

Sam worked very hard to become a yellow belt and then shortly after, an orange belt. He is just about to become a purple Belt. Once he becomes a purple belt he will be one of the youngest drummers to hold that rank.

Sam loves his drums! Sam always finds time to practice and enjoys developing his craft on his instrument. He is currently playing a five piece set with lots of accessories. Sam has a vision of a very high end drum set one day. He would like lots of drums in a natural wood finish and would like to upgrade to a Birch or Maple shell. In regards to his music taste, Sam is open to most music as long as it has a good beat that can challenge him. It is safe to say that Sam as introduced his drum teacher to several bands and helped him add many neat songs to his song selection. Sam is currently working on 5 Seconds of Summer for his 2016 Drum Concert. Sam has also learned countless songs on the drums. Sams next move is to get into a band as well as participate in the school band.

Some of Sam’s other activities include Airsoft, video games (as long as his practicing is done) and just being a fun kid!

Teacher Comments: Sam is a great kid and a wonderful drummer! Sam always comes in smiling and is ready to learn. Sam is always asking questions and wants to improve. One of Sam’s greatest strengths is his attitude-Always pleasant! Good job Sam!


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