Sam Buckmiller

Sam Buckmiller

Drum Teacher Sam Buckmiller started playing drums at a very young age. Sam quickly became known as Mike Dale’s “key drummer”. He has always been a dedicated student as well as teacher. Sam has an unmatched memory which has allowed him to memorize and retain all of his studies. Sam has a reputation for still having all his college competition snare pieces memorized. It is this same ability which has also aided him in becoming such a powerful drum set player. Sam is a very versatile player.

Sam Served an LDS mission in Florida and is currently focusing his college studies on psychology. He feels this greatly enhances his teaching and hopes to be able to direct young players not only in the world of drumming but also in life. Sam loves to listen and play all genres of music and tries to pass on his passion to his students.

Sam is an excellent mentor to the youth not only for his drumming and teaching skills but also due to his other abilities outsides of drumming. Some of Sam’s other talents include BMX, Mountain Biking, Road Biking and Motor Cross. He has been at the highest level in all of these areas and deemed a professional. Sam also works at REI and is a Racing Coach as well. Sam maintains a busy teaching schedule at Riverton Music, Bengal Blvd studios and the Gymcats location in Lehi.


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