Nick Beaslin

Nick Beaslin

Nick has had a passion for music for his whole life, as he seemed to always pick out melodies and rhythms even as a child. He soon discovered his passion for percussion sounds and energy as a young teen when he got his first drum set at the age 12. He quickly became entrenched within musical practice and involved himself in various music types in both his schooling and with local bands. He has played in numerous local bands, which has given him a lot pragmatic experience in performance of percussion. He continues with this trade today.

Nick entered college at the University of Utah within the sociology department, specializing in diversity, with a personal goal to help others throughout his life. It was through this department that Nick discovered how much he loves teaching others. In coordination with one of his professors, Nick created and taught the course Exploring Social Inequality Through Music and Media, a melding of his passion for music, his passion to teach, and his passion to explore social issues. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in the Sociology department in 2012, and is currently seeking out graduate programs across the country. His gusto and excitement for music, counsel, and teaching have been advanced tenfold as a drum teacher; an opportunity in which he states, “has taught him more about music and life than anything else.”


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