Derek Amis

Derek Amis has been a drummer his entire life. After banging on magazines, pots and pans with pens, pencils and chop sticks for years his parents finally broke down and got him his first drum set in 2001. Since that time, Derek has studied with several of Utah's top drum educators, including Mike Dale. Derek enjoyed learning and mastering the various topics of drumming, such as Jazz, Funk, Latin, Rock and Drumline. Derek also has an extensive background playing in combos as well as his own personal bands.

Music has always been a major part of his life. He has a passion for all kinds of music starting when he was very young thanks to his family’s vast music collection.

Derek started his teaching career in 2016. Derek says teaching has made playing drums even more exciting. He loves sharing his love of music and especially drums with others. Students really enjoy working with him due to his passion for the instrument and his natural ability to instruct his students.

Derek has also worked with a major music retailer educating people about musical instruments. While there he helped customers learn about guitars, basses, amps, audio systems, key boards. You name it, he knows it.

Besides drumming Derek has a passion for the outdoors. He was a Boy Scout Wilderness Survival merit badge councilor in the Uintah Mountains. Derek has also worked in the ski industry for years and is a snow sport enthusiast! As Derek’s drum students increase he still manages to also work at a major ski resort nearby. So if you don’t see Derek drumming, maybe you will see him on the slopes!


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