Cameron Grass August 2017 Student Of the Month

August 2017 Cameron Grass!

Drum Student Cameron Grass is August's 2017 Student Of The Month! Cameron began drumming at a very young age. Starting out on just a drum pad and then moving to a very basic set, Cameron progressed very quickly and became a Yellow belt right away. Cameron has a very mature taste in music. For example, some of his favorite artist are: Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder or anything with soul/real musicians. Cameron is also a huge fan of the Guardian Of the Galaxy soundtracks. Cameron is a very fun student to teach, mostly due to his determination to learn songs note for note as well as his good attitude toward learning in general. Cameron's parents surprised him last year with a dream drum set. The drum set consists of a all birch shell with a beautiful red finish. The drum set has so many drums to hit! (what to hit first?) Cameron's drum set also has all high end Zildjian Cymbals which are made of several crashes, ride, splash and hihats. Cameron was also lucky enough to get a double bass pedal. Cameron has developed into a fine drummer and is looking forward to participating in his middle school's music program. Cameron recently finished the well know, two page solo #6 which has moved him to the ranks of Orange Belt! Congratulations Cameron! Keep up the great work.


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